Prophetic Dream - Baby Girl (May 2016)

Prophetic Dream

For some reason in all my dreams, I start out alone and with strangers. Again I am alone but this time I am staring at a baby girl which is lying on a changing bed in front of me.

I don’t know how I received this baby girl; however I do know that she was abandoned and neglected. I know that I was meant to care for her and she was not my biological child.

I remember feeling really sad for her. She didn’t seem to have a name that I knew about.
On her legs she had green fungus and brown warts growing on her flesh.

That’s when I realized that I was trying to wash her legs and scrub off the fungus and warts to restore her to her natural God made beauty.

Then all of a sudden I was getting out of a car I didn’t recognize with my mother. My mother was the driver of the car. The baby girl was in my arms and she was wearing a pink one piece summer baby grow with small tiny yellow flowers all over which from a distance looked like dots.

I knew that we were there to buy baby clothes and baby accessories, as I had nothing at the house for a baby, not being a mother yet myself.

The building that we stopped in front was huge like a mall, but didn’t resemble any mall I know. In fact the whole building was white, with no mall name or signage or the usual branding of shops. It had small windows at the top close to the rim of the roof. I knew it was a mall, but not because of its appearance.

That is when I woke up.

Please if anyone can help me identify what this dream means, please share your ideas in the comments field.

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