Prophetic Dream - Tsunami (April 2016)

Prophetic Dream

The names have been changed to protect the identities of the people.

As all dreams we truly never know how we arrived at the location; however my dream started while I was standing in the middle of a building owned by a company. All the employees of this company where scared as a huge tsunami was on the way, and instinctively knew that this tsunami was going to destroy this company and everyone in it.
The company was in Rosslyn which was strange, as I knew the company was actually based in Centurion.
The water had already started to flow in over the floor and was rising and I knew I needed to get the employees to a secure building that was already identified. I somehow knew that if I could just get all the employees to this secure building they would be safe and protected from the tsunami that was about to hit.
Every one of the employees left the building on the way to the new secure building; however I was the only one that knew where the building was located.
I was following the employees but in a car and I was not the one driving the car, in fact I am not even sure who was driving the car. I only knew I was in the back seat. I called my mom from the car to verify that she was safe, who was working in Pretoria North. Another strange thing to do, as my mother worked in Rosslyn. I somehow knew she would be safe and that the tsunami would not reach her. This is also strange as Rosslyn is only 2 km from Pretoria North.
I also cannot tell you why I called my mom or what we even spoke about, however we did speak and I ended the call.
Realizing I was alone, I didn’t know where my husband, brother or friends were that worked with me but I knew they were also safe somehow. I remember thinking that maybe they were already at the safe secure building.
The car suddenly stopped and I noticed that we (who we are, not sure, myself and the driver) were in a congestion in a tunnel. I see all the other employees were also stuck in this congestion; but they are just waiting for it to clear.
I felt frustrated waiting in the car and I got out. I stood on the car bonnet and shouted to the other employees asking them why they were all standing around waiting and not just walking through the congestion to get to the safe house before the tsunami arrived. 
The response I received was that they were waiting for Michael to take them to the secure building and to lead them to safety. I somehow knew that Michael had already taken the children to the secure building. (This is what really confused me as there was no employee named Michael, nor do I know anyone by the name Michael. The children also confused me as when we all set out to the secure building there were no children with us.)
I shouted again over the crowd that they should follow me, as I was going to start walking to the secure building and I knew the way.
I started walking through the knee deep water in the tunnel, while only some of the employees followed me as the others decided to wait by the tunnel for Michael to return for them.
Once we were out of the tunnel there saw three water pools up against a mountain.
At this point I knew we would have to swim through each one, up each level to get to the top and could see no way around them. 
None of the employees that followed me knew how to swim.
So I looked down to see what shoes I had on and if I could swim, and I noticed that I was wearing my wedding shoes. (High Heel Ankle Boots)
I climbed into the water with my shoes still on, and told each person that I would swim them across one by one on my back.
After the swimming was over and each employee was across we walked for a short distance and we finally reached the secure building.
I remember reaching my floor where my flat (apartment) was made up for me to arrive and noticed that my people were not there. This room was like an apartment building made up for me to live in with the people I love, rather than a new office block.
Michael and the children were also not at the secure building.
While I was searching my apartment for traces of my loved ones, the secure building went up in flames and I was trapped on my floor with no way out. I felt fear, and I was alone again.

That is when I woke up.

Please if anyone can help me identify what this dream means, please share your ideas in the comments field. 

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