Ronete & Johann’s love story…

Once upon a time, there was a girl with dark black hair and pale skin, her princess gown was burnt and ripped. Her dark hair hung hopelessly over her hunched pale skin as she sat crying, nobody noticed her pain, while her crystal tear drops fall on dry soil. Nobody lived with the mistakes she made, sealing her fate to dark, evil dragon.

She was a broken soul, everything that she knew was broken into pieces. She always wondered how she would be able to glue these pieces back together, she always asked herself “Is it even worth it, to piece myself back together, my fairy tale ending is it not this now?”

 She was not locked up in a castle, or hiding from the wicked queen with the 7 dwarfs, she wasn’t asleep where she could escape the horror of her life. Instead she was dead, a cold, soulless being walking around, wondering what happened to the prefect fairy tale that all young girls are promised, or was this it, was this what love was? No it felt worse for her, she had a dragon keeping her locked up in a dungeon. Not a dungeon you could enter or see. No…this was a dungeon that was deep within her heart, sucking all the hope from her as time went on by.

Some might say she was a happy soul. Others who noticed her and knew her, knew the pain that was hidden behind the smile, they knew when she looked up at the sky she was waiting for the wind to take her to the arms of her prince charming. When she stared at the moon they knew that her heart was singing a song to her lost predator to start hunting for her, to make her his she wolf!

However, life goes on, as the dragon flew above her dungeon, she dried up her tears and pushed on, silently believing she would maybe one day have the fairy tale she deserved.

She started a new adventure, she wanted to keep the little water, no much but there was some that was flowing from her fountain alive with new experiences. Even though she accepted that this was her fairy tale ending and that she didn’t deserve better. She didn’t want to loose everything she ever was, she was still silently fighting for some hope.

That is when she met her predator that would hunt her for the next five years before she become his and hunt with her thereafter for a life time, without her even knowing this at the time.

On the first day of her new adventure she was scared, she was starting to loose her confidence. That was when she was introduced to a prince in tattered armour, black hair and dark stone eyes. His armour was torn and dirty. She could see that he had been through many battles and that his own heart was a lifeless device only pumping blood to his body.

They made eye contact for what seemed like time never had an end, staring at each other but deeper than that. The stare was deep into each other’s pains and troubles. They both were fighting battles within each other.

Shy and scared they both tried to avoid each other, but they could not. They were drawn to each other like magnets. Each time they touched each other, electricity flowed through them, and with each shock their hearts started to beat. At first it was only one beat at a time and then nothing but darkness and death. However they felt it and knew their heart were still able to beat!

As time passed the two of the lost souls became best friends, sharing their secrets that they kept buried for the world not to see. Each time one of them cried the other one caught each crystal tear that fell, and kept it in a jar as each tear was precious.

Slowly their hearts started to beat, now faster and more constant, what they didn’t know was that their hearts were not beating on their own, but that tiny strings were being sown from one heart to the other binding them together. What she felt, he felt! What he felt, she felt!

One night when she was staring at the moon singing her song as always to her lost predator to start hunting for her, for him to make her his she wolf! He was howling at the moon, longing for his she wolf to find him.

That’s when their fairy tale began.

All the tears that was caught in the jar brought life to a third heartbeat, as the two of them became one soul! Their hearts become one heart! Each breath they took was of each other! They touched deeper, not the touch of flesh but they touched the very essence of their beings.

Even though the third heart beat did not beat for long, she knew that he was what she was looking for all this time her knight. Not in shining armour, because she needed a knight that would slay a dragon and free her from the dungeon she was locked away in, a man that could fight for her when she could no longer could fight for herself.

He knew she was the one he wanted to marry, the woman that would save him from his own darkness, the woman that deserved to be wearing a princess gown that was not burnt and ripped.

From that moment he made it his life to glue the pieces of her broken soul together and to bring life back to her. It took time as she was scared, but he slowly sowed up the seems of her princess gown, replacing the burnt pain with love.

He knew that before she could wear his ring, she needed to look like the princess she was, but not only look like a princess but feel like one. He made sure her life became the fairy tale that all young girls long for.

When the time was right, when he saw she had flourished into a beautiful princess with a soul of light and happiness, he went down on his knee and asked her to marry him. Not just in flesh but also in spirit, to howl at the moon each night together for those other souls to find love like they did forever and ever.

The answer she replied with…. are you really asking this question?


The answer was YES, she would spend the rest of her life by his side protecting his heart, loving him for the man that saved her life. She could not live without him and she loved him because she didn’t want to live a life without him. She would be his she wolf and run through battles by his side no matter what!

The End…(dot, dot, dot)

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