Ronete the Sinner


It all began when she turned 18. Yup there was this most deceiving of all the whispers of temptation that is whistled through your ear from the enemies tongue, “freedom”!
Up until we turn 18 years old we never truly know what freedom means, until the invisible bond of authority between your parents and you, a child is declared no more.
So there she was traveling in her new vehicle with the shiny new license card that declared her an adult. Oh boy…if only did she know that this journey was about to get rougher than any storm she has every studied.
Sitting in the car with her in the passenger seat was something she never expected to find there… evil!!!  Of course evil has a pretty, deceiving smile on its face, portraying fun and exciting times ahead.  To this day, I don’t even think she truly knew it was even sitting with her, waiting for her to drop her shield, so that it could take over the righteous path she was walking and lead her down a cold corridor, which surprisingly was not that hidden for the world to see.
You see we believe that the bad things are hidden far, far away, and to get there we have to travel, but in fact it is right by our sides and easily accessed with just a smile from the wrong person or even an object obtained in your life.
Arriving for the first time at a night club, oh boy was she flooded with this emotion call “freedom”; she fixed her makeup and hair and quickly got out of the vehicle.
On her way into the club to meet her friends for a night of dancing and joy, she didn’t once stop to think about God.
She got to the counter to pay her fee, only to find out that it was free for woman to enter the club, what a joy already, not thinking about why this is, she has her wrist stamped and continued to find her table of friends.
Passing past the bar she ordered her first round of happy hour drinks and found her table of friends nicely situated in the corner for privacy. Little did she know that this table eventually would tell stories later in her life that would make any Christian chill to the bone!
After introductions to some new faces, the topics started rolling and the drinks started flowing, ungodly friendships started moulding and emotions started pouring.
She was still very much a good girl though, as after she has her first round of happy hour drinks; she switched to cold drink in order to stick to the drinking limit while driving. Oh yes…this didn’t last very long but for this evening she still remembered her morals.
The dance floor opened with an amazing light show and the music started to pound over the heads of strangers. She as a dancer loved the vibrations of the music flowing over her skin and through her soul, and immediately made her way over to the dance floor so that these very same vibrations could move her body.
Up until then she always used the gift of dance to worship God; however that night was the first evening she started using her gift to seduce, of course she now had freedom, why not show off a little and see if all the men in the club could have eyes for her?
As the clock struck 11:30, it was time for her to make her way home, even though she had freedom, she still stayed with her parents and she had a curfew, which she still honoured.
Sweaty and exhausted from the evening of dancing she said good bye to her friends and made her way to her vehicle. She started the engine and it roared to life.
When she got home she shared some of her experiences with her parents who were eager to hear what their daughter had been up to, and very trusting that their principles that they had taught her over the years would be strong enough for her not to stray. 
She got ready for bed and tucked herself in with a phone that kept beeping from the noise of the world, forgetting to pray that night, because she was too busy answering messages from her new friends.
Yes she might not have done anything bad that evening to make herself seen as a sinner, however while the noise of the world was keeping her distracted, a part of her amour was being chipped at by the enemy and a black hole was being made in her heart to accept her passenger she had with her that whole evening.
Just as Liz Curtis Higgs explains in her book “Bad Girls of the Bible”, Eve was bad for a moment, but only until she took the bite from the apple. Up until that moment she only had the apple in her hand and did not commit the sin yet because it had not yet touched her lips. She had the freedom to choose for herself.
Sometimes God will allow us to come close to sin and even touch sin, but it is our choice whether we will do the sin or walk away from it.

Never the less, Ronete the sinner failed, she not only came close to sin that evening, she let it ride along with her as a passenger, allowing it to attack her armour. 


The cell phone beeped, the light buzzed to life, and that was not the only thing that afternoon that started to stir.
“So r we gonna c u 2night?” read the message. Ever so eager and blind she moved her fingers across the keypad on the cell phone to reply. “Yup c u at 19:00, happy hour”.
Looking at the time on the digital display she noticed that is was already 15:00. Time to get ready for an evening of fun! Or so she thought…
We all know women, they take a very long time to get ready and look beautiful. Or in fact actually they take a long time to paint the world’s beauty on them, because God already created each soul to be beautiful in His image. Sadly, this is not the beauty the world looks for anymore.
Returning to the open Bible on her crossed legs, she packed away the notebook, pens and markers and closed the Bible up in its pretty blue carrier case. Just like she had done every single day of her life, from the moment her parents blessed her with this special gift.
She was in fact diagnosed early on as dyslexic; however from a very early age the Bible was the only book she could ever read without any help or any problems.
If only she knew that this was the last time she would open her Bible for a very long time, she might have read it more deeply than what she had that day. She might have even ignored the message that come through on her cell phone and cherished the moment.
Hopping off the bed and bouncing through the house she started getting ready for her big night out.
Three hours later, makeup, hair and nails were done and she was all ready to go follow the vibes on the dance floor and emerge herself in “freedom”.
She checked her purse, “yup” she had money. She checked that she had her license. She checked that she had that shiny new license card that declared her an adult. Kissed her parent’s good bye and jumped into her vehicle.
As she started the engine of the beast, she forgot one thing she hadn’t checked for recently …her armour! But her passenger never forgot about checking in with her now, oh no with an evil grin on his face, this passenger waved goodbye to God who was watching as she pulled out into the dark street all alone.
“Wow, I could use a drink! I have exhausted myself on the dance floor tonight.” She shouted to her friends who were watching her from their special, private table. She flopped down on the chair and snatched up her blue alcoholic drink and raised it to her lips.
“You look amazing when you dance you know that?” Whispered something else in her ear. Oh flattery…the devil knows just what words to use.
“Thanks, I have always loved dancing.” And so the whispers continued to flatter, innocent at first, of course everything always starts out innocent, you won’t follow a murderer down a dark abandoned alley and allow him to kill you now. Oh no…first you accept the smile from a stranger, then comes the greeting, then the flattery, and then once he has you trusting him he leads you down the alley of no return. 
Up until this moment she was only dancing around the sin and every so often touching the fabrics, because it felt nice to get all this attention, a different kind of attention.
While she was caught off guard she was pushed into a corner, flattered by the whispers of something much more evil and deceiving then that of her passenger, she allowed sin to not only touch her lips, but flow past her tongue.
It tasted like honey, smooth and soft but yet sticky. A taste that lingers long enough to seek more.
You see the passenger was only sent her way to break down the armour she had built from when she was a child. Faithfully putting on the armour of God each day and slowly but surely building it up to be strong and unbreakable (or so she thought at the time).
Although the passenger she picked up still had a big role to play in her story in the future, it was not the only evil spirit that was lingering nearby, it was just the opening for a much greater and darker spirit to enter her soul.
This spirit was flattering, smooth and beautiful like the world accepts, but deep down it was sticky like tar honey, rough and darkness flowed through it from the very depth of its core.
In this very moment, she had forgotten God, her morals, her beliefs just like that; the slate wiped cleaned and something else engraved in the grooves of her heart was something that would scare her for a season…



Shortly after the kiss of sin had touched her lips and filled her soul with black mist, the same dark as the evening mist travelled along her arteries, and so discreet that not even her body knew what was happening until it was too late.
Once it was done transforming the arteries, it started with her veins, each and every one of them turning them black with sin.
When every vein was infected by its disease, it moved to her brain, preparing for battle. It knew that it would have to enter deep into the battle ground to infect the centre of her dream box. The dream box, the part of each person’s brain which dreams, imagines, the place that makes you unique. The place that knows right from wrong, and wrong from right. 
The mist was quick, wicked and resourceful. It used her own tactics for battle against her as it wormed its way deeper into the battle field, with a mist like claw penetrating every inch of her brain.
It shrieked with joy, a penetrating shriek, as it ripped apart the battle field of her mind, leaving nothing Godly behind. While it infected her brain, the shriek began to vibrate her ear drums causing her to go deaf. She could only hear the whispers now and nothing more.
Its black mist formed a looking glass to only one thing; zooming into the one thing it wanted her to see the most, SIN. Everything else was hidden, unfocused causing a blindness to fall upon her eyes.
It laughed at the memory it came across on the battle field choosing to keep it for its purpose, “It tasted like honey, smooth and soft but yet sticky. A taste that lingers long enough to seek more.” The taste of the tentacles of sin, wrapped around her tongue, infecting her words, her prayers.
It skipped around the dream box, laughing and screaming, challenging her mind for more defence troops, but nothing was left, every thought was aching for the last attack, the attack on the dream box.
She began to plan with the black mist now, for it was the only thing she could hear whispering in her ear, she began to plan how it should consume her dream box, what method it should take to destroy her, what action it should take, gentle or fury.
You see there is a point in our lives where we know we are standing by the pit of flaming red coals, radiating heat up at our tender skins, and there is the choice to either, back away from something we know we could be burned with, that could scar our skins, and cause secondary infection, or we can take the first step and place our tender feet onto the first set of coals and see what would happen.
The choice was hers, but as she played with the sin, as she put one foot in front of the other walking over the fiery coals, she found herself in the middle of the pit. To far now to just hop out like an innocent white bunny, but also she didn’t carry her shoes with her, she was not prepared for the burning flesh.
She was too far into battle with this spirit that was flattering, smooth and beautiful like the world accepts, she was losing the battle and she knew that should she turn back now she would feel the heat under her and she would burn. She let go of the Word, she forgot to polish her armour and check that it was ready for battle. She forgot to pray for protection. Ultimately she forgot who God was!
The plan was formulated, and the black mist began to set the scene for the final attack, the one attack it knew best, the one thing that it knew would hurt God the most, the very one thing that God had with her not to long ago that was ripped apart piece by piece by the enemy because she allowed it to happen.  
Intimacy towards the sin, toward the evil spirit started to crawl through the core of her black box, destroying her soul…
While this was happening, God looked over her and His heart began to ache, because although she had committed this  horrifying sin, all He wanted to do was fight the battle for her, and take her into His mighty arms to protect her.

So He watched and waited for even the slightest whimper to pass her lips, calling for Him to rescue her, and He doodled in His big book over and over her name with hearts, Ronete.


As time went on, so did she move further and further away from her friends, her family, the church and even further away from God.
She chose not to think about the Bible or about God, she chose not to think about the sin she was doing in her life. It was easier to forget her teachings, forget about God than feel the guilt building up inside, and have this tug of war about what was right and what was wrong.
She had begun to enjoy the flavor of sin on her tongue; she had begun to thrive off the cold embrace of its touch on her soft skin. She had come to adapt and submit to the nature of a sinful life, one that would only end up in pain and suffering, but she didn’t care anymore, it was her choice and she liked it too much.
Oh yes…sin I believe is worse than any drug on the market, because when you commit a sin, sometimes you don’t even know that you are committing the sin. Sin is a drug that even the best of Christians take part of on a daily bases. However when you become so addicted to sin, there is no medicine that can be taken to remove or comfort the withdrawal symptoms.
If you do not have God before you, if you do not repent for your sins on a daily bases, then those withdrawal symptoms become increasingly hard to overcome. The withdrawal symptoms are like tentacles that will just pull you closer and closer until you submit to a life of sin.
So she was addicted, and she refused to allow any withdrawal symptoms to surface, oh no she made sure she was close enough to her drug of choice so that she wouldn’t feel the Holy Spirit stir up inside her, because she didn’t want to give up her addiction no yet!  
She kept thinking, just a little while more, I am still young and I can have fun. I am entitled to some fun. I will have my fun now, I will enjoy the flavour of sin on my tongue for just a little longer and when I have had enough I will grow up and return to reality.
But we all know better, with ever addiction there is always that thought, I am strong enough to say no, therefore I will have fun now and stop when I want to. This is the biggest mistake any person can make, is to think that they are strong enough, especially if they do not have God before them.
Before she knew it, she had moved in with sin. She was sharing a bed with the spirit that was flattering, smooth and beautiful like the world accepts, but deep down it was sticky like tar honey, rough and darkness flowed through it from the very depth of its core.
She had grown fond of this spirit, embraced this spirit and held it very close to her heart, which had turned black as the heart and soul of hell. She claimed to ‘love’ this spirit!


Because she was stubborn and refused any thought of God, ignoring her teachings and her Bible, God decided to warn her in a dream. Yes she could block God out from her everyday thinking, but at the mercy of her sleep she could not block God out of her dreams.

She was standing in what looked like open space high up over the clouds in space, blackness surrounded her, darkness surrounded her. On her right hand side on the floor was a massive hole, radiating heat. She could only see the edges of the hole through the black darkness around her because from the middle of the hole was an orange and red light that was shining from the gaping mouth of terror. She knew from deep within what this meant…she was filled with fear, sadness, and she broke out into an instant cold sweat! That’s when she heard the voice, sounding like a shofar that was blowing open the Heavens, on the vibrations of the voice she heard the authority, and the disappointment as the notes played. She knew that this was God’s voice, with no doubt in her mind she knew she was standing at His feet and this was her judgement day. She heard God say “My child, you have forsaken Me!’’. She opened her mouth to beg for forgiveness, to plead for a second chance, she knew she had failed and she was in big trouble, but before she could utter one word, she was falling in the hole of terror. She wasn’t pushed, it was as though the floor had just given way to her feet, or it was as though the whole time she was floating over the hole and whatever force was holding her there just released. Maybe the hidden force of sin was holding her above the hole of terror, waiting for just a day like this to release her into the gaping mouth of hell itself. She started to scream as she fell, screaming from the bottom of her heart and soul, a scream that only you would hear in hell. She begged and pleaded as she fell deeper into hell, but God was no longer there. She could hear God no more, her time had come and passed and she had failed. Her sinful life had delivered her to the open terror of hell. Tears swelled up in her eyes, but just as they were about to fell to her cheeks they evaporated instantly with the heat, and this was only the heat in the hole, she was still falling and hadn’t yet reached the bottom of hell. She was filled with fear, a fear so fierce that it consumed her. She had been condemned for life!

She woke up, sitting straight up in bed, consumed by darkness all around her and breathing frantic; her pajamas were soaked from sweat. She flung the light switch on next to her on the bedside table and flung her feet off the bed, she welcomed the cold sensation of the tiles against her bare feet. She repeated to herself, ‘It was just a dream’; ‘It was just a dream’!
However the dreadful feeling that was swelling up inside her soul, knew that this was a warning, and not just a dream!

Do you think she listened to God’s warning? Do you think she changed her life from this point on? Or did she return to her life of sin, and ignore God’s warning?


Easter weekend had arrived in shiny wrappers and sweet flavours, big plans for the long week were rolling in over the hills on what seemed to be a dark cloud.

She was still very upset by the dream she had, and could feel the dreadful feeling now swollen to the point of bursting deep inside her. She could not enjoy the sweet chocolate flavour hovering over her taste buds as she was distracted by this warning she had received.

Finishing up at work, she knew she should be excited for the weekend that was about to start, but instead she was concerned about the plans for the weekend. She had a bad feeling that something bad was about to happen.
Shrugging away this feeling, the sixth sense that she was experiencing, she packed up her desk and things in the office and made her way to the door.
Saying good bye to her dear friend who sat behind her in the office wished her a safe trip for the long weekend and to stay strong that things will get better, she made her way outside and to her vehicle.  

This friend of hers, he was an amazing man who had counselled her through a lot of things that was upsetting her at home. He himself was going through a lot of troubling things, but he always had time to lend his ears to her and provide her with advise on her situation.  

His name was Johann van Staden, only if she had known what she knew now, would she have never gotten into that vehicle that day, but rather she would have gotten down on her knees and repented for her terrible sins that she had taken part in.

However, she ignored the Holy Spirit that was warning her that this trip she was about to take would not go the way she planned.  

Before climbing into her vehicle she looked behind her and saw Johann about to get into his vehicle. He stopped, and they made eye contact, she smiled and so did he, and then her phone rang. She reached down to answer it while climbing into her vehicle.

She allowed the beast to roar to life as she turned the key.


“We need to make space, please take my Bible out from under the seat in the car, that will give you space for the brandy bottles. We should put them in the car so they don’t break in the boot.” She said to her friend from the club.

“Ok, we are all packed and ready to go. Love you mommy, I will let you know when we arrive.” She hugged her mom, high fived her younger brother and jumped into the vehicle once more.

This was going to be a road trip to remember, her, her friends and younger brother was going to go away for the long weekend camping. Or so she planned, but this is not how this scene played out.

Don’t forget the passenger that would be traveling with them, oh and don’t forget the darkness that had already consumed her soul that was now a part of her that would be going with on this road trip.

With her armor no longer on, and her sword now removed from the vehicle, her passenger had nothing to worry about, this trip would go exactly like it planned.


It was evening now, and the four in the car were tired, and hungry. After traveling four hours they eventually were close to their destination, and she took her place behind the wheel, relieving her friend from driving duty.

She knew where she was going, she had traveled this road before, accept this time she was traveling this road, alone and it was dark. She had forgotten that the last time she traveled this dangerous journey she had God by her side.

She slowed her vehicle, checked her mirrors and flicked on the indicator to turn right. They were here and all she needed now was to turn onto the dirt road that would lead them to the camping destination.

She checked her mirrors one last time and turned the wheel, she saw a bright light, she heard a cracking sound and a deafening bang ringing in her ears.

That’s when she saw her own body, being flung around in the driver seat, she saw her lips utter a scream and watched her head pushed through the driver’s window shattering the glass into and around her skull.  

She saw the vehicle spinning, like when two young girls hold hands and spin around in circles laughing in the sun shine, except this was not that kind of scene, instead it was dark but light at the same time, there was metal crashing on metal sounds, there was a smell of tires burning mixed with the fumes of petrol.

She felt calm, she was confused but she felt calm, she was not anymore inside her body, oh no she saw the pain and torture her flesh was enduring, but her soul was nested inside a hand, protected and treasured inside a strong might hand.


She was abruptly woken up to so much noise, all at the same time, a few somebodies screaming her name, the sound of the driver door creaking and groaning as it was being pulled, the sound of the vehicle roaring in pain as the beast was being unleashed.  

She felt for the keys so she could put a stop to the roaring engine and put the beast out of it misery, but the dashboard was no longer there where it use to be, it was now pinning her legs to the seat she was buried in.

Finally, she found and turned the key and the vehicle stopped roaring.

She saw lights flashing, and saw panicked faces staring back at her face which she could only picture at the time showed nothing else but confusion.
She was still trying to understand what just happened, why was her body sore all over?

More people started screaming as she saw them running to the left hand side of the vehicle, the light become stronger, like a spot light was shining down on her, or more it seemed to be shining on her through the passenger door.

She had to shield her eyes to see what was happening, but all she saw was shadows of people waving their arms frantically, shouting with all their might for whatever was coming her way to stop.

The driver’s door began to groan harder as it was pulled more frantically, with more urgency to open it.

She heard words slip through her lips “I am stuck, I cannot get out”, but it felt strange as it was not her words, it was like it wasn’t her speaking.

She shielded her eyes and looked left again, this time she heard a loud tooting sound, like a truck horn tooting frantically, mixed the with the sound of tires skidding, brakes squeaking.

She saw people moving their vehicles between her vehicle and whatever danger was coming with a speed towards her from her left. She knew somehow they were trying to stop something bad from reaching her.

She smelled the tires burning again.

She heard someone screaming, “The vehicle is leaking petrol, we need to get her out of there NOW! Has someone called an ambulance?”

That’s when she heard a strong voice, speak with authority, a voice she knew and loved. It was her younger brothers voice, unshakable, strong and full of authority. It concurred all the noise around her, allowing her to only hear his voice and his instructions.

“Come, we need to get you out, take my hands Ronete.”

She saw him standing between the danger on the passenger side of the vehicle, a dark shadow of her brother with a bright circle of light all around him.

His body bent over through the passenger door with his arms reaching for her shoulders.

She reached out and grabbed a hold of her younger brother, she trusted him, she knew she should just follow, she knew she should not fight, she must just trust, let go of everything and allow her body to fall into a putty form so that his strong arms could pull her from the seat she was buried in under the plastic rubble of what was once her vehicle.

She felt pain and yet she felt peace while her brother started using every strength he had to pull her trapped body free. She felt the tender touch of the cold plastic caress her skin as her body was pulled free from under the dashboard.  

She felt like a rag doll that was being dragged across the gear stick, the passenger seat, into her brother’s arms. She felt his strong loving embrace and the warmth of his chest on her cheek even before her feet found the surface of the tar.

Her feet touched the surface of the darkened tar, but she did not need to move a muscle as her bother was already moving somewhere else, her feet following in pursuit, however it was not her moving her feet back and forth.  
She heard the crashing sound of metal against metal an all too familiar sound. She came to a stop and all around her darkness fall silent, as she heard the sound of a crash and the scrapping sound of a vehicle being dragged across tar.

While her brother was holding her in a protective embrace, she looked back to see that an oil tanker had crashed into her vehicle and was dragging it across the tar on the road that was soaked with petrol, which had leaked down the white paint on the side of the vehicle in the night, while the oil tanker come to a final stop.

You see just because she didn’t have her armor on or her Bible in her hand, God was still protecting her, making sure that no harm would come her way.

God used her brother, who was clothed in his full armor and a mighty warrior for God, to pull her from under the vehicle dashboard and out to safety.

God would not allow the enemy to take her that evening, as there was still work she needed to do for Him, she was His bride and He would wait for her!


She was sitting in the ambulance with her brother by her side. Blood running down the right hand side of her face, and she was reminded of the warning she received.

Oh yes, she knew that in this moment God protected her and saved her from that fiery pit of hell.

She was blessed to come out of that horrible accident with nothing more than 4 stitches on the right hand side of her head, where the glass had penetrated the skin.

She was lost in thought of how amazing God was, when she was interrupted but the paramedic, “Mam, please look at me and follow the light.” She did as she was told, but uttered her own instructions “Please rather help my brother, he was in a bike accident six weeks ago and was in ICU, his leg is still healing and I am scared that he hurt it in the accident or the pins slipped out of place. He cannot even be walk without crutches.”

“I know, I have had a look and he will be coming to the hospital with us Mam, God truly saved your life tonight, your brother should not have been able to pull you out of that vehicle the way he did, not with his injuries as they are. I don’t know how it was possible for what happened to have taken place other than a true miracle.”

She allowed herself to escape into the background of the ambulance sounds while it pulled away from the dreadful scene outside that she had escaped from with her life.

She started to pray again, that evening the passenger was left outside in the dark at the dreadfully cold scene of the accident which it caused, while God was the new passenger riding with her and her brother in the ambulance! 


Now you see this is where this story takes a turn for the worse!

Can it get any worse than it already has???

Oh yes it can, I know what you are thinking, she has already moved in with sin, had an intimate relationship with sin. She has ignored a vital warning, and then God still provided her with a miracle and spared her life. What more did she need to wake up and see, “what she was doing was wrong”?

I am sure you are thinking, well what does she do now? What is the next step for Ronete the sinner to take, that can make the past seem so light?

Just like any relationship you have, there are stages, steps you should take for the outcome to be achieved. Sometimes these steps are not in the right order, however they are still taken, and ground is still claimed in this field.

Step one is the flirting and charming stage, the stage that hooks you and keeps you intrigued. You are not very committed to just the one person, and other things do still attract your attention.

CHECK…she did this already!  

Step two is the dating and romancing stage, where you start to learn things about the person and you start developing feelings for them. You start to become more focused on just this one person, and start committing to the laws of attraction.

CHECK…she did this as well!  

Step three is the intimacy stage, this part is tricky as a lot of people fail to have intimacy with a person but not enough intimacy that crosses the line that should only be crossed when you are carried over the threshold on your wedding night. This stage likes to skip the right steps and sometimes even comes before step two. 

CHECK…she failed this test!  

Step four is the moving in together stage, where you decide you want to spend your life now with this person. You have fully committed to this person and believe you can make a life with them. Even though this step should happen after marriage, now a day it very rarely does. # Face Palm #

CHECK…sigh she did this too!  

Step five is the engagement and marriage stage, the stage in your life where you fully commit to one person and make that promise in front of God that you will honour His gift that He has provided us here on earth. The little taste of heaven that He gave us here on earth to experience and enjoy with your soul mate that He created for you.

Yes, marriage can be an amazing experience but what happens if you take these steps discussed above and use them in the spirit realm?

Well here is what happens, Ronete the Sinner made a covenant with the devil!

I KNOW RIGHT…as I am writing my story, I find myself gasping in shock at the things that I have done, and I kind of lived this life.

Instead of honoring her Father God and preparing herself for His coming, she turned away completely on this day from her Father and proclaimed her soul to the devil.

On this day, she broke Jesus’s heart as she entered into a marriage with the devil, her soul was so consumed with black mist, she was completely blinded with black smoke.

She could not see as Father God was standing next to her with His arms open wide calling out her name.

She could not hear His words as her ears had been completely blocked with ash.

She had completely turned from her faith, this strong Christian girl who knew better, who knew the difference from good and evil had fallen so far that she was now completely consumed with darkness.

The enemy had won for a season, another soul claimed by weakness and destroyed.

However, God never left her side, instead he did something amazing. Something that Ronete the sinner never deserved, but God is a gracious and merciful God who loves each and every one of His children.

Do you want to know what Father God did then for Ronete the sinner? Yes of course you do…come close as this is the most important part of my story!

He SAVED her, because He died on the cross for her too!


So Ronete the sinner made a convent with the devil. Yes….you did read that right, it was not a dream. Ronete the sinner does have a happy ending, however it took her some time to get there. Actually this little detour in her life took exactly eight years.

Just like any contract you enter into, there is always the fine print and the T&C’s, terms and conditions, that are always difficult to get out of.

Yes, before her story turned from dark to light she had many struggles and many tears that was shed.

You see as God was knocking at her cold, darkened heart, so was the spirit she allowed to fill her consuming her trying its hardest to keep her distracted.

You would think that entering into a convenient with the devil, will be nice, because it looks nice from the outside right?

You see these people all having fun who follow this wild life, having money, fame and riches. Oh trust me that life only looks like that from the outside, but from the inside of this convenient it is just like what the book of Revelations says “In those days men will seek death and will not find it; they will long to die, but death will escape them.” Revelations 9:6.

She found herself in a very dark pit, alone and scared. She was no longer romanced by the dark strangers around her but instead that very spirit that she once shared romance and intimacy with, the one spirit that sealed her convenient with the devil turned on her and began to torture her.

Each night tears would roll down her cheeks, while she fall asleep longing for a warm embrace to cradle her. 

She feared opening her eyes in the morning and she feared closing her eyes at night as there was nothing but darkness circling her flesh waiting for her to fall deeper into the pit of hell.

When everything was too dark around her to see, God placed many people around her to pray for her.  

Her mother was one of the prayer warriors that was tasked to pray for her soul.

Privately each night her mother would enter into her prayer room, she would kneel before God and cover her head with a bright pink scarf. She would right there and then start praying for Ronete the sinner and intercede for her daughter in this war that Ronete never even knew she was involved in. 

Many friends interceded in prayer for Ronete the sinner, and that is when God made the light break through the darkness like a butter knife slicing through smooth rich butter. “Again, I tell you truly that if two of you on the earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by My Father in heaven.” Matthew 18:19

That was when God provided her with another miracle. Yes she was a very blessed girl, for God to still care and love her after what she had done. She was truly blessed that God was still willing to fight for her love after the horrible betrayal from her side.

He never once turned away from her, instead He sent her a knight in tattered armour to fight for her because she was too weak to fight herself. God sent a man that was strong enough to pray for her when she didn’t know how to anymore. God sent her the man she was going to submit to, to love her when she forgot what it felt like.

God set her husband on her path in life, just at the right time not a moment sooner but not a moment too late, where she needed him the most.

Actually just like God had set people, prayer warriors to intercede for Ronete the sinner through the eight years to pray for her when she had forgotten how to, so did He sent Johann van Staden to watch over her from the shadows for five years, until the moment was right where He allowed Johann to sweep her off her feet and rescue her.

Yes God truly blessed her with this man, a man that was willing to love her from the shadows for five years without interfering, before he got to hold her hand in his. Before he got to place his tender lips on her quivering, scared lips. Before he got to hold her small weakened body against his strong muscular body. 

God used Johann van Staden to reach Ronete the sinner through the darkness, and Johann van Staden was obedient, and waited for God to make the path clear.

Did she deserve it? No she didn’t but God forgave her.

Did she turn back to God after this blessing? Yes she did. This was the first time in the eight years that Ronete this sinner kneeled beside her bed, placed her hands together, and prayed to God to save her soul.

In that very moment, God created a huge earthquake to form in the spirit world, which broke all the unholy ties that was leached onto Ronete the sinner over the eight years. The ties fell from her flesh, eyes, and ears like ash would fall from a fire. 

The devil and his demons turned away in fear from the Almighty God who roared like a lion and ran for the corners of hell, knowing that God was victorious and that God took back what belonged to Him.

God in the moment turned Ronete the sinner to Ronete the Prodigal Daughter Returned!


  1. Oh this is so very sad but also very beautifully... Love the last bit with God doodling your name in hearts... Beautiful indeed...

  2. Stunningly beautiful testimony to Gods Love and faithfulness.

  3. Stunningly beautiful testimony to Gods Love and faithfulness.