The Prayer Warrior

Dedication to Ariete Pieterse, a loving mother who never gives up the battle to the enemy. 

I opened my eyes to see the air around the battle field was dark, and grey ash fell all around me, this ash seemed to be falling from the sky like rain drops, except this was not just any kind of ash, it was the tears from those who had fallen on the battle field.
In the distance I could hear the screams of creatures not from this earth. Screams of fear and screams of hate. I could see the shadows forming all over the ground and creep close as the battle was happening right in front of me. I saw flames of fire dance along the ground around seven foot angels consuming the darkness that came to rest on the ground.  
These angels were dressed in white robes and what looked like armour that touched the ground. There armour was made of a material that radiated light, it was a colour that no human as ever seen before. Their wings were stretched out on either side, white feathers, each feather was bigger than my hand, and their wings were made up of thousands of these feathers. Their presence radiating the Glory of the Lord while they fought in His Name.
She was somewhere in the midst of the seven foot angels, standing tall and strong, not scared at all while she swung her sword in the air. I could see her lips moving forming words, and her tongue was on fire as she sliced through the demon that stood in front of her.
This prayer warrior was dressed in her tattered armour which had been beaten, and I could see she has been fighting this war for quite some time now, however she was fighting with the same enthusiasm as the seven foot angels. She was so much smaller than the angels around her but she seemed so much bigger at the same time.
She was powered by the Holy Spirit, and I could see she was no stranger to the battle ground. The battle ground was messy and no place for a lady but she seemed at home on this terrain because she was might prayer warrior forged by God to fight these battles unafraid to be confronted by shadows and demons.
I saw as her enemies approached her from all directions, advancing in on their prey, creeping along the floor on all fours. I have never seen these creatures before dark human like figures but there skin was black and tight across their bones. The moved like stick figures all ridged as though they might just break. They longed to feast on her warm body, while they drained the heat from her soul, I knew this as from their mouths dripped saliva.
I watched in awe as she stopped to feel the loving touch from her Abba Father stroke her head, I saw the hand of our Abba Father form from the sky light reaching for His daughter in the midst of all this destruction. I watched as she listened as He instructed her. She closed her eyes and thrust her arms upward into the air towards the sky that was grey from the ash and orange from the fire in the surrounding area, one hand holding a shield the other holding a sword.
The demons approaching stopped in fear and stared helplessly with wide eyes as they heard her voice scream with authority across the battle field “In Jesus Name, I rebuke you demons and foul spirits, and send you under Jesus’s feet for judgement!”
The ground shock like a mighty earthquake, as sand rose all around this prayer warrior like a mighty storm as she proclaimed over and over in Jesus Name the victory for this battle ground.
The demons were frozen in time unable to move, unable to escape their defeat as the storm around the prayer warrior grew stronger, swelling up in size, until it exploded across the battle field wiping away the shadows and demons that was larking around waiting to devour any flesh that was available.  
A strong wind blew all around the battle field, wiping away the pain, tears and blood that had been shed.
A part of the grey sky parted and I saw a blue light flood out of the opening, it kept flooding out over the grey sky until the sky itself seemed to move like a river.
The air around the prayer warrior grew calm again. I saw her drop to her knees in praise to Abbe Father.
That is when I saw that she was all the time on her knees, in her prayer room, save in her house dressed in jeans and a t-shirt and had a bright pink scarf covering her head.
This prayer warrior had just fought a battle in the spirit world, with Abbe Father protecting her.

The End

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  1. Oh BG. There are no words. I'm speechless!!! Amen to Abba Father who has defended all His Warriors... Thank you...lovely depiction of battle from avwar room... Clearly you have been there too.